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4 Pre-Interior Design Planning Tips for Prospective Co-Working Space Providers in Bangalore

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4 Pre-Interior Design Planning Tips for Prospective Co-Working Space Providers in Bangalore

Spaceler Dec 28, 2019

The design of your coworking office space can make or break your business’ success. 

As a business leader of a prospective co-working space operation, it’s your responsibility to create a welcoming and safe environment for your customers. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the design inspires them and keeps them coming back to the office with the same spark and motivation every day.

Here are a few interior design tips that will encourage your prospects to make your facility their professional abode.

Get set!


1. (KYC) Know Your Customers to Design for Their Needs

The first step is to understand the customers you want to target. 

You can get to know them by talking to some of them in your target region - Freelancers, entrepreneurs, companies that use co-working spaces for their employees, start-ups, companies expanding their presence and others.

A conversation on the following will help you understand their needs more clearly:

- What job and industry are they in?

- What does success look like for them?

- What skills and tools do they use in their work?

- Why are they looking for a co-working space?

- What are their biggest challenges in terms of Workspace efficiency?

- What are their expectations from a co-working space?

- What are the factors will they give more emphasis on, in their co-working space?

Although you may not directly ask these questions, they must serve as a guideline in your interior design planning. 


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Generally, in Bangalore, the needs of most professionals who use coworking spaces are simple and limited: 

A decently designed office with proper automation, electricity and high-speed Wi-Fi, basic amenities and thoughtfully designed furniture. Then there are some customers who prefer much more ambiance, design and comfort. Some professionals may need Meeting rooms for brainstorming sessions and discussions around a round table.

Headphones that restrict noise are a boon for shared offices!


2. Consider the Nature of Your Business

You also need to consider the operational conditions of your business:

- Do you want to target new consumers?

- Are you part of a larger global organization on a journey to encourage entrepreneurial spirit into the workplace? 

- Do you want to start a coworking space business as ancillary to your regular business activities? 

- Are you a sole proprietor wanting to work among people like you by getting out of your home office? And so you are planning a co-working office space business?


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Your operational conditions will lead you to some motivational factors including increasing brand awareness, targeting new clients, spread the spirit of hospitality to a new audience, lay a foundation for the expansion of business, increase market share, profits, and revenues, etc.

These motivational factors will help you arrive at the following 6 spatial forms:

- Co-working Community

- Brand Café

- Hospitality Lounge

- Launching Pad

- Innovation Hub

- Culture Club

- Design for Collaboration

- Design for Concentration

- Design for Community

The above factors will put you in a better position to merge operational considerations with interior design concepts. 


3. Make a Budget

Before hiring an office interior design company, it’s important to make a budget. Usually, making a budget involves considering the size, location, potential co-working members of your space, etc.

Then, sketch out a budget you deem fit. It will ease your communications with the potential interior designer. It will also help you be transparent about how much you are willing to spend.

Keep in mind, your budget may not match what your wants are for the co-working office space. If this is true with you, then decide how much you are willing to spend and stick to it. Or carefully plan taking a business loan or saving more.


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4. Keep Stock of Your Ideas 

Take design inspiration from anything that creates instant attraction. Consider all aspects such as:

- Good lighting

- Open space for people to congregate and chat

- Color scheme

- Ventilation

- The right mix of function and aesthetics and more

Keeping stock of your ideas will help you discuss ‘what inspires you and why’ with the potential co-working space interior design company. 


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Working With Spaceler, the Leading Co-Working Offices Interior Design Company in Bangalore

As apparent, coworking space plays a crucial role, not only in growth of different companies but also in building a robust business relations with different players of the Industry.

If you want your coworking space to spark creativity, innovation, you must hire a co-working office interior design company. If you want to hire an experience co-working space interior design company that knows how to get results from your investments, contact us Spaceler, the leading co-working space interior design company in Bangalore.


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We want to satisfy your interior design needs. We are open to listening. By taking a partnership approach, we will work closely with you to ensure the success of your business. 


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