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Interior Designers for EdTech Start-ups in Bangalore

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Interior Designers for EdTech Start-ups in Bangalore

Spaceler Aug 25, 2020

Get More Student Enrolments with Unique Interiors for Your Office and Education Centers

Whether you are an Edtech start-up building an online learning platform or a start-up offering in-person training at your education centers, the layout and interior design of your facility can make a great impact on the productivity of your team and how your students learn. 

If you really have your druthers, you’d be developing and maintaining your online learning platform and attracting more enrolments much faster. How do you make a giant leap?


Take Things Up a Notch with Impactful Interior Design and Layout

A good interior design plan allows for airy spaces, and natural light and organized systems that will avoid the piling of garbage. Good surroundings and environment can reduce stress, and affect the physical and mental well being of your team and students. The interior design leverages colors effectively to make brands stand out.

Also, depending on the objectives of how you want to use your facility, interior design can define the function of different areas within your premises.  For example, If you are using the facility for in-person training, how will those visiting naturally walk up, reach the reception area, and know where to wait in the reception or lobby? 

If you are using the facility as an office for the team that develops and maintains your online platform, the interior design can be a strategic tool for productivity, collaboration, and growth. Good interiors attract top talent, customers, and students. 

The pleasant design provides a welcoming environment for everyone in the facility.


EdTech Interior Designs 

Noon Academy is one of the fastest-growing EdTech start-ups with over 6 Million registered students in the Middle east. The educational start-up is rapidly scaling up for global expansion. 

As part of the expansion plan, the Academy shortlisted a 4000sqft space in Indiranagar, Bangalore for their office. That space was a bare shell floor with outer facade glass. It had to be interior-designed to match up to the world-class standards. 

The completed interior design project for Noon Academy by Spaceler is shown below. The Spaceler’s interior design team in Bangalore worked remotely and closely with the Noon Academy’s head team in Saudi Arabia to learn about their objectives. The outcome was demonstrated through a lively interior design of the Space. 

Spaceler built the entire space from scratch, including civil work, flooring, and interiors. The design reflects the Academy’s global branding with a grey office palette and wood with vibrant, lush greens all around.

Best Office Space Interior Designers in BangaloreThe vibe of the design is industrial/rustic yet exuding a rich look with fine wood and some hints of pop color

The completed workspace is now ready with workstations, cabins, and a conference room, a pantry, tea-time sitting area, pool table tennis table, and lockers. Click to walk-through its entire facility!


Some Interior design considerations for EdTech Startups and their advantages

  - Sufficient space – It helps keep your employees and students safe and their minds at ease. It allows for a more comfortable, and breathable environment. 

  - Noise-free areas – Research has shown that productivity can drop by 66 percent as a result of unwanted noise alone. Noise can be minimized with professional interior design and layout. 

  - Good air quality and flow – By placing live plants in the facility, toxic chemicals in the air can be reduced. Carpets trap dust particles from the air and hold them intact until vacuumed. 

  - Sound privacy – By incorporating new age sound masking technologies in your facility, you can reap increased productivity and foster a safe and personal space. 

  - Pleasant colors and textures around – Color is associated with emotions. Colors and textures invoke luxury, design, and sustainability. Colors make brands stand out.

  - Natural light – Spatial dividers allow natural light to pass through. They integrate separation and allow staff or students to have a feeling of togetherness. 

  - Greenery aroundPlacing plants can save energy and make your environment healthier and more attractive. It cleans the air and promotes natural climate control.

  - Space for recreation and break  - It allows employees and staff to unwind, and provides space to relax.

An Experienced team of Interior Designers who understand the Edtech needs and has a command of Interior designing for the sector is your best bet for Interior design that delivers a steady, sustainable environment for your facility.  

Want to know more? Contact Spaceler for your interior design needs today!


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