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Interiors for Retail Business Giants

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Interiors for Retail Business Giants

Spaceler Mar 14, 2020

Sell More Products with Organized Interiors

Offline retail business in India is big business. Revenue of India’s offline retailers, also known as brick and mortar (B&M) retailers, is expected to increase by Rs 10,000-12,000 crore (US$ 1.39-2.77 billion) in FY20. (source) As disposable income is on the rise, Indian consumers are spending a large portion of their disposable incomes.

With a society that values lifestyle formats and the rising number of households in cities like Bangalore, the opportunities for retailers are immense. But succeeding may not be as simple as it sounds. Where there is an opportunity, there’s also a big competition. To stand out, retail business giants must have top-notch organized interiors.


Retail space interior design


Why Interior Design Matters to Retail Business Giants

Whether selling electronics, home appliances, jewelry, watches, or any other products, your offline retail store must have a presentable look and feel. And quality interiors are vital to success. It is a proven way to achieve three key objectives:

- Attract customers to your store  

- Create an experience

- Persuade those visitors to buy

According to the BI Intelligence report, Indian consumer purchases resulting from an offline-only shopping journey make up the majority of purchases at 78%. This presents a real opportunity for Retail Business Giants. How can they gain customer interest to notice the store and walk in the door? How can they create an experience when the customers are inside the store?

Raj Sagar, the CEO of Spaceler says “The design can attract customers, completely tell your brand’s story, and create engaging shopping experiences. When it comes to retail, the secret is in the details.” 

It all starts with an Impressive Design of the Store

With so many consumers shopping offline, good interior design of the store is imperative for retail business giants. If you already have a store, but it is not properly designed and organized, know that you are losing your customers to your competitors every day. 

According to Retail Gazette “Retail design also has an incredibly important role to play in positioning a brand to its consumers – and, perhaps more importantly, re-positioning it when it‘s incorrectly aligned.”

Your interior design, including the window displays and signage essentials, must be compelling. And your overall design must be professional so that it serves your brand well and provides confidence that your business can be trusted.

Sizzling Interior Designs 

The threshold area is the entry point to your store. This area is also known as the “decompression area”. This is the space when a visitor transitions from the outside world to the experience of what you have to offer. The lighting, fixtures, displays, and colors of this area must be well-coordinated.

Following the threshold is the first wall your customers see. This wall is also called the “power wall''. Designing this wall professionally makes a high-impact first impression on your customers. What you display here must be well-thought of.

It is possible to guide the customers through their path with properly designed and arranged furniture, displays, racks, and other tools depending on the layout of your store.  

 A professional Interior Design Company with designers who have a sharp eye for details and a passion for retail interiors can design your store for superior customer experience and create a positive experience for your customers.  With an understanding of product merchandising, retail psychology and brand communication, they can help you with designs that are flexible to the trends of the target market.

Consider this appealing design of a Vivo Experience Center in HSR Layout, Bangalore.  The design paints a lovely picture in the visitor’s mind and provides the desired experience.


Best interior design company in bangalore


Other Space Planning Tips to Maximize your Retail Space

- Understand the principle and knowledge behind the customer behavior

- Identify the customer flow by using your observations to discover the problems and opportunities unique to your environment

- Design for clockwise navigation

- One of the interior design research states – “customers value their personal space when shopping. If a customer is touched, bumped, or otherwise interrupted when interacting with merchandise, they are likely to move on from the items or exit the store altogether.” So remove the narrow aisles. 

Need help designing interiors for your Store? Contact us today.