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Pandemic-Proofing Workplace Reboot Tips from the Office Interior Design Company - Spaceler

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Pandemic-Proofing Workplace Reboot Tips from the Office Interior Design Company - Spaceler

Spaceler Jun 06, 2020

Not every company can operate with staff working from home long term, and there are many staff that want to return to an office that is free from challenges of home. As Businesses are getting set to redefine their workplaces to the current and post COVID-19 era, what are the short-term and long-term upgrades required to pandemic-proof workplace planning?

Spaceler brings you some thoughts.


6 Best Practices for Immediate Office Reboot:

- Prepare the workplace with the enhanced cleaning process and meticulous inspection

- Prepare the staff with policies that include shift management, and communicate plans regularly and clearly

- Put in place protocols or controls for safety and health checks at building receptions

- Establish proper guidelines to decrease density with a well-planned schedule 

- As much as possible reduce touchpoints 

- Keep the communication lines open and transparent

Shifting from Cramped Cubicles to Spaced Out Workstations

Workstations that are close to each other or those that face each other might be turned apart. As short-term fixes, the game room can be repurposed into solo offices. 

The Economic Times in a recent article about corporate trends stated 

‘Many companies, especially in the information technology and IT-enabled services, which used to allot 70-80 sq.ft. per person, are now expected to allocate more space for each employee in the workplace. In some cases, the space for each employee was 60 sq.ft. against the standard of 125 sq.ft. as companies sought to save on expensive real estate.’

The article also stated that efficient space planning and designing will offer a way out.

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Bringing in More Outdoor Air to Dilute Anything That’s in Indoor Air

Many offices today have ventilation systems that are set toward increasing energy efficiency. However, such offices may have to adjust them to bring in more air while ensuring they have enhanced air filtrations that stop the virus particles and other particles from entering. 

Pandemic proofing can be done with Green office designs that offer:

- Air Quality Indoor and Ventilation

- Controllable Temperature Range

- The right balance between daylight & artificial light

- Use of materials that reduce noise

- Interior layout  

- Colors, textures, and materials that evoke nature


Incorporating More of Hands-Free Technologies

From automated infrared temperature checks, facial recognition or QR code entries to voice-activated elevators, workplace designers are incorporating as many hands-free technologies to bring safety-proofing in designs. 

Visual Cues to Remind Employees to Maintain Physical Distance

Constant reminders through visual cues go a long way in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Corporate tiles and printed signs can be used to implement these visual cues. By replacing tiles every 6 feet or so on the floor, companies can remind their staff to maintain safe distance from others. 

Antimicrobial Designs

From flooring, countertops, paints, copper fixtures, and hardware, antimicrobial decors are what the workplace needs. By incorporating such antimicrobial designs, offices can become inhospitable places for germs and microbes to grow, including viruses.

Spaceler, as the top workplace planners and interior designers in Bangalore, are all set to optimize office designs. Contact us for your office space planning needs.