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Top 3 Benefits of Creating a Green Office Space from the Built World

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Top 3 Benefits of Creating a Green Office Space from the Built World

Spaceler Nov 29, 2019

Are you a business leader looking for modern office space?

If yes, Why not go in for green office design?


What Exactly Is A Green Office Design?                     

Well, green office design is a design that helps business leaders and entrepreneurs save money, increase productivity, and sales. Green office designs are offices that are designed to create a sustainable healthy and motivating environment, conserve energy, and reduce pollution.


Elements of Healthier and Greener Offices

- Air Quality Indoor and Ventilation

- Controllable Temperature Range

- The right balance between daylight & artificial light

- Use of materials that reduce noise

- Interior layout  

- Colors, textures, and materials that evoke nature


Why Invest Green Office Design for the Built World?

Green office interior design helps Your Business In many areas.


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1. You Save on Office Operating Costs:

Electricity Bills

Let's say you pay about 2 lakh rupees a month as electricity bills.

By investing in energy-efficient heating and lighting equipment during the green office capital investment phase, you can reduce your monthly electricity bills say by 10 percent. How much would you be saving each year? You know the math. 


Marketing and Advertising Costs

What percentage of your budget do you spend in marketing every month? Green office interior design may attract customers and partners who prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies and the top talent who look for healthy workspaces. 



For one green office interior design client who had a conventional sales office that sold cars, each closed sales was about 12 lakh rupees. If an upgrade to green office space attracted 10 more customers a month, what would the extra sales mean to the business? You know the math.


2. You Increase Productivity:

In the last few decades, researchers studying the ways to motivate employees have found that one of the foremost motivators turns out to be the workplace environment. When employees are asked to describe what attracts them to a job, one of the invariable response is the physical features of the office.


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Employees are drawn to offices that are ambient, greener, and healthier. According to the World Green Building Council, companies that offer green office features are rewarded with much more than they invest.

Employees are inordinately influenced by the physical aspects of offices. The colors, textures, and materials welcome people.

As motivated employees are productive employees, you can expect increased productivity.


The Benefits

- Lowered Absenteeism and Loyalty

- Increased Productivity

- More Collaboration

How much do absenteeism, lost productivity, and silos between teams cost your business? You know the math.


3. You Create Healthy Environments

By investing in green office design, you show that you are interested in the health and wellbeing of your people who spend time indoors. Green offices use products and materials that have low emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and other air pollutants.


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Green office design ensures fresh circulation of air by placing plants and carpets that trap dust particles from air holding them until vacuumed. Carpets also act as sound insulators by reducing noise pollution.

Green office spaces remove the stress by surrounding people with elements of nature restoring the connection between humans and nature.  


Why Should You Choose Spaceler For Creating Green Office?

We are sure you can look up ‘Commercial Interior Designers in Bangalore, Green office creators in Bangalore’ and find some interior design companies. Before you dive in, make sure they walk the walk and talk the talk. We encourage you to observe the results of the company before you embark on hiring them.

- Are they credible?

- Do they have experience in designing outstanding green office designs?

- Are they designing offices for companies in multiple industries?

If not, then please be careful. The green office interior design investment must pay for itself in increased sales.

That’s why many business leaders and entrepreneurs choose Spaceler over others.

We’ve helped several large and small companies benefit from their green office interior design.


Clients Of Spaceler


Although our team consists of qualified interior design professionals, our real-world experience is what differentials us from other Interior design Companies and gives us the ability to:

- Deliver fully integrated green office interior design - conception to final production

- Serve all types of Businesses

- Deliver research-driven creative concepts in line with current market trends

- Deliver projects within budgets and on time

Contact us for your green office interior design needs.


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