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What to Look For When Planning to Refurbish Your Office

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What to Look For When Planning to Refurbish Your Office

Spaceler Feb 29, 2020

Like so many business owners today, you may need a well-designed new office space or may want to refurbish your current office. You may be looking for office interiors that will last long, fit for purpose, and look elegant.

A well-designed refurbished office can reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, and create a healthy work environment. You might have experienced working in such offices or might have seen such. That must have aroused your desire to set foot in one again. 

Top talent, customers and partners are attracted to such modern offices. And if you choose to have a green office design, you show that you are interested in the health and wellbeing of your people who spend time indoors. The price for refurbishing your office varies greatly and depends on many factors. Nonetheless, know that a smartly designed sustainable environment will pay for itself in increased business.


Consider Your Choices

Investing in refurbishing your office requires careful consideration. Some people, however, decide rather abruptly. They are very much captivated by the talk and price estimated at sales, and so rush for it on impulse. They really do not think sustainability, quality, whether it's design fit for purpose, or whether the interior design service provider is reputable. Later they may deeply regret their hasty decision.

You do not want to make such a mistake. You need to be cautious. You do not want to end up in shoddy and substandard interior finishes, inferior fixtures, distorting mirrors, and other flaws. Thus you need to carefully compare prices and consider quality. 

Research Commercial Interior Design Companies  

The need to do business with a reputable and established interior design company can hardly be overemphasized. You can carefully check in advance the reputation of the interior design company you will choose. One of the best ways is to inquire from other people who availed their services. 

- Are they satisfied with it? (You can find our testimonials be scrolling the page down here) 

- Were their promises made fulfilled? 

- Are they fast enough?

- Are their prices reasonable?

- How good is their workmanship?

- How about quality?

- How about choices of décor? 

- Do they specialize in a commercial refurbishment rather than residential projects?

- What does their website say?

- What about their reputation online?

- What about their track record? 

- What about their completed projects?

- Can the interior services company provide references?    

Such an investigation can often save many heartaches. Once you shortlist your commercial interior design and refurbishment company, you can take the next steps.


Draw In a Project Brief, And Proposal 

Talk to the vendor, explain your requirements, how you want your business to be perceived, your space layout, and your budget. Get a proposal – and estimate the pricing.


Office space experience center in HSR Layout


Make Your Decision

After following all the above steps, decide on a commercial interior design company. Have them present their strategy, concept, and planning. I mutually agree by finalizing the design and fees. Ensure you get the agreements documented clearly outlining the nature and scope of the project.  

Other Considerations

After finally selecting your interior design or refurbishment vendor, there is the matter of paying for it. Some people believe that it is not wise to make full payment immediately. Whatever the decision, discuss the payment methods and timelines well in advance so you can have a smooth journey down the design and refurbishment path.

What do most business owners want from their design or refurbishment?

- They want the design to reflect that they care about the environment, they care for their staff, customers, and partners

- They want the space to be utilized optimally

- They want the design to reflect their brand and culture

- They look for ergonomic design lighting

For businesses looking for interior design or refurbishment of their offices, the above will prove beneficial in selecting the right interior design and refurbishment company. 

Need help designing interiors or refurbishing your office in Bangalore? Contact Spaceler today.