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Workplace Expansion Insights on Designing Your New Office in Bangalore

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Workplace Expansion Insights on Designing Your New Office in Bangalore

Spaceler Feb 15, 2020

Many companies that have head offices outside India are opening offices in Bangalore to spur more business growth. If you too are expanding location to Bangalore and have shortlisted an office space, we invite you to go through the following steps to design your new office space for success.

Begin to Succeed

Expanding location is a fantastic opportunity to determine how the new office can fit for purpose and cater for future growth. It is a time to explore

1. New ways of working

2. Proactively manage changes that will have an influence on culture

3. Boost your brand identity

Doing so will have a huge impact on

1. Attracting top talent

2. Employee motivation and productivity

3. Employee retention

4. Good internal communication and collaboration

See the Whatfix expansion of workplace location to Bangalore.


Best interior designers in Bangalore


Click and Experience the workplace interiors of Whatfix, a project by team SPACELER 

The Company’s remarkable new office design completed in 50 days by SPACELER emphasizes:

1. Comfort design - Ergonomically suited

2. Functional design - Structured workstations

3. Workplace efficiency - The right choice of arts and colors

4. Environmental factors - Use of sustainable materials

How You Can Do It?

Assemble a Project Team with a Strong Project Leader

Identify and designate a strong and senior person who will command the authority to make decisions and drive the project onward. A strong project leader will make sure that everyone and everything is on target, on the move and the outcome of the design is closely related to the initial project briefing. Put together an inside project team from different disciplines including IT, HR and marketing to provide their expertise in IT, staff engagement and branding.

A blend of highly engaged cross-team approach is integral in delivering a perfectly designed office space.

Decide on What You want to Accomplish

1. What kind of space do you want to achieve?

2. What is most important to your Business?

Arriving at the answers to these questions will impact your project timeline and budget.

Get in Touch With SPACELER

Now it’s time to get your team involved and to have meetings with us so we can get to know and understand your vision, and requirements for the new office space design.

Our workplace strategists will arrange consultative workshops with your team to gauge opinions and perform research and utilization studies and propose recommendations that may potentially guide the final office design.

Mutually Agree on the Design Project Plan

Once you have completed the above steps, it’s time to create and agree on a detailed design project plan and transparent fee structure. Ensure the project plan contains all the details big and small so you will know when the tasks will be completed and in what phase of the design you are in. Doing so will also lead to your project within timelines.

Our project plan will show you how we will translate your business objectives into a design that matches your business’ vision. We will help you identify color palette, lighting, and furniture best suited for space while also reflecting the identity of your brand. Enabling timely delivery of the project involves the effort of everyone on the project team. So ensure you keep the communication lines open and meet each other regularly to evaluate the progress.

Together with you, let’s ensure that your new office looks fantastic and is handed over on time.

Take A Look Of Some New Offices We Have Designed For Our Clients:

MiQ , Decorpot, Noon Academy 

For Commercial Interiors in Bangalore, call us at: +91-9108603000 or fill in your requirements at our website: Spaceler