COVID-19 Updates: Here's how we are ensuring a hassle-free Office space interior experience for you.

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interior design firms in bangalore
interior design firms in bangalore

How Spaceler Ensures Safety to Its Clients with Regulation and Safety Measures

Pre design:


Post lock down, our office, factory and the experience center will be sanitized every 4 hours.

We make sure to maintain social distancing with the help of 25+ separate meeting cabins in our HSR experience center to make sure all our clients follow social distancing.

We schedule client meetings with specific times and dedicated meeting rooms and make sure to avoid physical interaction from people who visit our environment.

Our experience center is maintained with less manpower to ensure the safety of our clients.

All the clients will be provided with free masks and gloves before entering the premises to make sure to control physical interaction.

Disinfecting the meeting cabins before and after every client meeting.

To Save Us All

All the employees, housekeeping staff, watchmen & clients are tested with a thermal scanner to make sure they don't have any symptoms of COVID-19.

Designing Phase:

Design Remotely

Spaceler moves its design services completely towards virtual designing and makes sure each and every customer stays home safe.


NARACI is an in-house custom interior designing platform that helps to design your interiors virtually within a few clicks with ease.


Disinfecting the Materials

Disinfecting all the products and materials before sending it to your site.


Mobile App Convenience

Project tracking from start to end can be monitored through our Mobile Application to know your interiors status.

Mandatory Safety Equipment's

Our Execution team members will visit the site with all the necessary safety equipment like Masks, Gloves and Thermal Scanner to confirm your safety before entering your site.

Deep Cleaning and Fumigation

Post Completion

We go an extra step to ensure your safety, Post Completion of the site works, Decorpot provides Deep cleaning and Fumigation services before handing over to the clients.


A Pioneer in the Interior Industry, leading the way to a new normal.

First Time in the Industry Spaceler Provides, No Contact Delivery of Works Space Interiors.

We are always ahead when it comes to the safety of you and our community.