Educational Space


The Educational industry has unique environmental needs. Environments should suit the learning and developmental needs of every age group. Creating good interior spaces for these varied age groups requires careful forethought and creativity. That’s where Spaceler’s team can help.

We are strategic interior design thinkers and skilled craftsmen. We get into the world of students of all ages as it were – toddlers, children, and teenagers, youngsters, and adults. We develop suitable inspiring concepts while also considering the aims and objectives of the institution.

Whether you are building, renovating or expanding your educational space, contact us to create space and craft furniture to match your vision and budget.

Preschools, Play-schools, Kindergartens, Childcare Interior Design Service

We add bright and soft colors to our designs to create positive and attractive physiological effects and attracts the kids. Our design simplifies learning. We give deep thought to each aspect of the interior design.

Emboss colors into various forms

Low height table and chairs of attractive colors and patterns

Thoughtful furniture edges to avoid the kids getting hurt

Toy sections

Non-slippery floor materials

Low height decorative sinks

Railings for safety

Racks for storage of kids belongings, hank jackets and outwears

Design that allows natural light, air circulation, and ventilation

Artificial illumination

Develop themes

Schools, Colleges and Training Centers Interior Design and Furnishing Service

Interior design and furnishing define the function of different areas within your Institution’s premises. For instance, how do parents naturally walk into the reception area, or wait in the reception lobby? It’s the interior design and furnishing that defines the function.

We give our profound thoughts to the design and making of your interiors to ensure it contributes to your bottom line while inspiring teaching, learning, and development.


Staff rooms


Corridor designs

Play area

Computer labs

Art and science labs



Collaborative learning space

Furniture plays a crucial part in the Educational sector. We customize furniture for the unique needs of your institution


Student Desks


Teacher Desks

Classroom Storage

Meeting tables

Book Carts

Flexible Seating

We help you plan, design and succeed within time and on budget. Contact us today.

Let us do the space planning, renovation or remodeling your healthcare spaces.

For further information on our services or to request an appointment with one of our dedicated interior design consultants, feel free to fill in the inquiry form provided or alternatively call +91 9108603000

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