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The aesthetic appeal of your Spa or Saloon is crucial. Most people choose their Spa based on its facilities. That is why your facility needs styling that draws your customers.

We are the stylists of Spa and Saloon facilities in Bangalore. We design unique environments to create customer experiences. Before investing in any equipment or furniture, take time to contact us. We specialize in Spa and Saloon interior design - concept to delivery.

Space planning for efficiency and ambiance

Mood and inspiration boards

Colors, materials and finishes

Furnishings and millwork

Fixtures and lightings

Art and specialty decors

Contact us to create distinct transformational experiences in your spa and saloon


Beauty areas

Treatment rooms

Fitness areas

Why Choose Spaceler for Spa and Saloon Interior Design – Top 3 Reasons

Our experience

Our team of 150 interior architects, designers, and factory artists have varied experiences. For Spa, wellness centers and Saloon designs, we bring together those with a background and experience in the industry. As a team, they blend their creativity and craftsmanship to deliver the best Business outcome.

We understand the lifestyle industry

We fully understand the motivations, preferences of the Spa-goers. This understanding helps us develop transformative design concepts that provide optimal guest experience while also considering your brand identity, locality, ambiance, and operational flow.

We are strategists

We will interact with you to understand needs and goals, and align our design program to help you achieve them. We begin the process by developing a strategy and a conceptual styling brief.

Let us create spaces that allow customers to feel comfortable and relaxed in every corner of your facility. Let us create memorable, desirable and tranquil spa journey within your Spa or Saloon.

For further information on our services or to request an appointment with one of our dedicated interior design consultants, feel free to fill in the inquiry form provided or alternatively call +91 9108603000

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