In almost all cases other than references, the hospitality space decor is what attracts people to visit and experience the food and drink available at the establishment. Smart hospitality Business owners understand that the look and feel delivered by the interior design is critical to the success of their Business. This is where you try finding interior designers to create an environment that enhances and elevates customer experiences.

That’s where Spaceler comes in. Whether you are starting a new hospitality business, or want to transform your existing space into a new experiential level all together, we can do it with great panache.

Spaceler’s Interior Design Specialties in the Hospitality Sector

Owners and operators of hospitality facilities count on Spacler’s team for our interior design expertise in new design, renovation, and restoration projects. These facilities include





Tea shops

Wine shops


Serviced Apartments and Inns

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Spaceler as Interior Design Partner for your Hospitality Business

  • Our deep understanding of how hospitality sector operates helps us blend creativity and imagination to design trendy yet functional spaces.
  • While focusing on designs, we also make sure that it makes operational and financial sense to you.
  • We take the time to sit down with you to discuss your ideas, and give the support you need to transform ideas into profitable reality. We want to grow with you. So our commitment to your success is crucial as our own.

Call us to create, renovate and refurbish your hospitality space when you

1. Start the Business

2. Expand the Business

3. Relocate the Business

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Leading Hotel & Restaurant Interior Designers in Bangalore

Hotels aim at offering the guests a “home away from home” experience. Hence, it is necessary to upgrade both its services and ambiance. Services, quality and taste of food & beverages served, the hospitality of the hotel staff etc. are crucial to attracting new guests as well as retain the old guests as loyal followers. The ambiance and decoration, however, are among the most significant factors that impact the success of any hotel in the hospitality sector.

People do not compromise on the “home away from home” experience. In order to attract, please and serve your guests well, it is important make it appealing their eyes by aesthetically improving your hotel interior designs. Professional hotel interior designers in Bangalore have the expertise to add aesthetic value to your hotel space that gives a stylish impression.

Hotels, being commercial properties, is sensible to consider trends in design in order to have a broader appeal. Hotel interior design ideas need to incorporate the latest design trends, smart implementation of modern amenities and their appropriate placement, to maximize the use of the available space.

People easily get attracted to what they find beautiful and appealing. The moment a potential guest enters the reception area, the first thing the individual notices is the ambience. The experience provided to the guests through the hotel interior design can significantly influence their check-in decision.

The look and feel of your hotel interior, furniture installed, lighting system, contribute to determining the star-rating awarded to your hotel. The hotel interior design is something that cannot be neglected. We, at Spaceler, have worked on several hotel interior design projects and possess the expertise to deliver what is desired, with the utmost professionalism.

The interior design of hotels will always be influential as long as the “first impression is the last impression” attitude exists. The lobby area, reception area, the rooms & suites, corridors, restaurants, bars (if any); everything counts and needs to be designed glamorously.

Guests staying at your hotel needn’t always opt for “room delivery service”. They will step into your restaurants. Restaurant interior design primary contributes to your restaurant’s popularity. We, at Spaceler, have worked with clients as restaurant interior designers in Bangalore. We also have the experience of delivering any specific theme-based restaurant interior design services. We are professionally dedicated and sincere to deliver our projects within the given deadline.

People do not like going to an ordinary restaurants. Corporates (for formal dining with clients) doesn’t consider your restaurant to check-in, if the decor isn’t quite classy and appealing. The taste of food/beverages and the service quality comes after that.

Beautiful things capture attention first, only then the qualities get judged. Similarly, your hotels and restaurant space needs to be inviting, for a staying in the hospitality field and keep doing business. Trust us to add aesthetic elements to your hotel and restaurant interior.