Leading Commercial Interior Design Company in Bangalore.

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While the location may draw customers, interior design is an essential ingredient that influences decision makers. We can help you develop Business generating spaces.

Workplace Strategy

When you base your work environment on a good strategy, its impact can reach far beyond the walls and furniture. Your physical space can change the fundamental behavior and experiences of people. In turn, it can improve your Business performance.

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Interior Design

We customize large and small office spaces to your needs. We also conceptualize, design and create interiors for customer facing businesses such as retail, hospitality, and lifestyle, educational and medical facilities.

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Fitout and refurbishment

You have an existing space with running Business, but want to customize it for a specific purpose without affecting the business. We can do it. You can stay on site. We will work before and after your working hours, or move your staff into zones to free-up space for us to work.

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Furniture plays a critical role in today’s retail, educational, medical and workspace environments. You need furniture that creates lasting experiences for you, your customers and employees.

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Project management

Spaceler works with construction industry professionals to develop innovative designs for a range of commercial projects across Bangalore. We are not a construction company, but we work with construction industry professionals like builders, contractors, and architects to develop innovative interior designs for commercial projects.

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As a Business Leader, your first thought is about the lost income you will have to sacrifice by shutting down your Business or moving while the renovation takes place.

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