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Spaceler is a leading Interior Design Company in Bangalore. We specialize in designing interior spaces that gets attention and delivers results. We have over 30 years of experience in the Industry.

Although based in HSR layout, we work with Businesses across Bangalore in all types of industries. We are straightforward people who can zero in on your needs and provide winning concepts, design, and delivery.

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Experienced Office & Commercial Interior Designers In Bangalore

The reputation of a company or a corporate establishment doesn’t solely depend on how they perform in their respective fields, but also on how they treat their clients and employees. The impression they leave on their office visitors & employees is also a significant factor contributing to their overall image in the market. The office interior design and functionality aspects have a considerable impact on the employees working there for hours and the clients who visit the space as well.

Our office interior designers in Bangalore has helped to renovate many corporate establishments, imparting professional and classy yet a relaxing look to the office interior space. Working for hours within a four-walled space shouldn’t feel like being imprisoned. This can have a negative impact on the productivity of the employees. Hence, it becomes necessary to seek professional services for renovating the office interior.

Optimum utilization of available space is equally important to maximize the productivity. Incorporating smart and modern design ideas into organizing office furniture, accessories, and supplies can be ensured only by professional designers, with years of experience. It should not only be visually impressive and inviting but functional and comfortable as well.

A novice with limited knowledge on office interior design causes a waste of time and resources. We, at Spaceler, value your time and faith by formulating custom-made workspace strategies that do justice to your office interior.

A judiciously chalked workspace scheme can enable us to incorporate design ideas into office interior projects. This can ensure the following;

  • Improving the productivity of your employees by enhancing their work environment.
  • Minimize the scope of accidents taking place inside the office due to an overcrowded or cluttered workspace.
  • Creating a lasting and positive impression on the visitors/newcomers and retaining the top employees/clients.
  • Maximize the office space efficiency
  • Encourage better communication and collaboration that smoothens the workflow.
  • Eliminating sources of office stress due to unclean office space, improper temperature control & ventilation, poor lighting arrangement, lack of privacy where it is needed, unnecessary background noise (noise from traffic) etc.

Remember, poor interior layout and design can cause stressful work environment, prevents the employees from giving their 100%. Improper use of space and inappropriately installed office furniture and accessories can also cause accidents. Poor lighting, temperature control & lack of proper ventilation are serious drawbacks for any office interior as it not only clogs productivity but also triggers health concerns as well.

Commercial interior designers in Bangalore, Spaceler, has considerable experience in handling such projects for years. Hence, can help you achieve a visually appealing and highly productive workspace.

The kind of profession or business that the commercial space handles is the center of focus for office space interior designers in Bangalore. The office design of an advertising agency wouldn’t be the same as that of an export/import enterprise. Your office interior design should reflect your corporate culture by non verbally communicating your mission to the employees.

Put your faith in our knowledge, skill, and expertise that we have gathered over the years and you would never be disappointed.